Thursday, 12 March 2009

Euthanasia lecture 'distasteful' says councillor

Bournemouth Conservative councillor, Barry Goldbart spoke of his 'personal' concern at the news that Dr Philip Nitschke, also known as ' Dr Death', will be returning to Bournemouth this May to present a lecture on methods of voluntary euthanasia.

"The problem is the way that this doctor operates. Anybody can get hold of this information. In my opinion this information is extremely dangerous. People may not have the ability to make this decision in a logical way."

"This gentlemen should not operate in our area at all, and certainly not have any encouragement from myself or any right thinking person," he said.

The event is being organised by 'Exit International' who are advocates of Euthanasia and present lectures all over the world on the subject. The mounting concern that his lectures are not responsible has been echoed by the pressure group 'Dignity in Dying'. Jo Cartwright communications officer for the organisation said:
"This does not protect vulnerable people. Giving them this information is potentially very dangerous. What he is doing is illegal."

Lindy Boyd, spokesperson for Exit International described the controversy over Dr Nischke's lecture as a 'strange occurrence', she added:
"We provide factual information and it's up to individuals to do what they will with that information. We don't encourage anyone to end their lives."

The lecture will be held at the Hamilton Hotel in Bournemouth on May 5. The hotel confirmed the event but refused to comment.

Dr Nitschke was due to give his lecture in a Bournemouth council owned property last October but the event was cancelled once the council became aware of the content of the lecture.

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