Thursday, 12 February 2009

Man pleads guilty to assaulting police officer

A local man pushed a police officer in the chest whilst drunk a week after being laid off, Bournemouth Magistrates heard today.
Stephen John Arnold, 34, of Porchester Road, Bournemouth, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer and verbally abusing a member of the public.

Dr Alieun Jobateh, prosecuting, said Arnold was approached by a police officer who saw him being abusive towards a member of the public in the evening on Jan 10.
After asking Arnold to stop, the officer was forced to place himself between the defendant and other person, said Dr Jobateh.

The defendant then pushed the officer in the chest but was then restrained and arrested.

Arnold’s actions were abusive and disorderly, said Dr Jobateh.

He had initially refused to give his name to the officer and appeared intoxicated at the time, he added.

Miss Watson, defending, said Arnold was drinking because he had been ‘laid off’ the week before, but she noted however that this was not an excuse for his behavior.

“Mr Arnold co-operated with police and is very remorseful for his behavior,” she added.

Sentencing was adjourned.

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