Thursday, 5 February 2009

New Tesco Express for Southbourne

Plans for a new Tesco Express store are being welcomed as a positive boost to the area.
Business owners say they have noticed a decline in the number of people visiting Southbourne following the closure of the local Woolworths store. There have been a number of closures in the area and the number of ‘to let’ is said to be increasing.

Bournemouth Council Planning Officer Dean Rudd said:

"We can confirm that there is a current application from Tesco’s for advertising signage and alterations to the premises at number 28-30 Southbourne Grove."

Co-owner of the newly established jewellery store ‘Sugar mango’ Heather Martyn expressed her support for the new Tesco Express.

She said: "Unless we get some big names in to replace the draw that Woolworths brought to the area then local businesses will really struggle. Tesco’s moving into the area will be good for local business. It’s a case of finding a balance between small local shops and chains like Tesco."

For some local shoppers news of a new Tesco-express in the area has been welcomed. Rebecca Hughes, 32, often visits the Tesco express in Pokesdown.

“A Tesco closer to home will be a boost to the area and a God send for mothers like me. There are so many empty shops down this street; it’s beginning to look run-down and tatty.”

The planned store will be the second new Tesco outlet opening in Bournemouth following news last month that a Tesco Express is due to open in the Triangle by December. Bournemouth Town Council confirmed that planning permission is due to be completed by March .

No one from the company was available for comment when contacted.

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