Thursday, 5 February 2009

Local retailers in Southbourne move online.

Local businesses in Southbourne Grove high street are going online in a bid to beat the credit crunch and adapt to a changing market.

Business owner Lorraine Bate has successfully run ‘YYUK Clothing’ in Southbourne for the past six years , but with the onset of the recession she has been forced to put the shop up to let.
Rather than close her business completely Lorraine has opted to move her business online in a bid to reduce overheads and keep her business afloat.
Describing the current situation in Southbourne Lorraine said:

‘This was the worst Christmas that we have ever had, Southbourne has been badly affected, you can see how many shops are up for let, and it’s depressing.’
Business however is bright for 'Sugar Mango' a new jewellery shop that opened in the area just six months ago has found business steady.

Owner of the shop Heather Martin said:

‘As long as we remain positive and listen to what customers want hopefully we’ll be fine. We’ve set up a website selling our products which has been a very positive addition to the business.’
She is also hoping that the opening of a new Tesco Express in Southbourne Grove will draw shoppers back to the area and make up for the loss of the local Woolworths store, which has seen shoppers in the area dwindle.

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